Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 2)

Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 1)
Which is the Next Stock Market Bubble?
There are indications that individuals who have benefited from the sub-prime woes of 2007 are now focused on automobile loans and credit card debts for 2008. Some stock investors look forward to construction projects in territories liberated from their former rulers by US military forces, while others hope that the 30-year hiatus in new projects for US nuclear power plant manufacturers will soon be broken by India.

Please look for our companion piece to this topic entitled “Perspective Environmental Scanning for Accurate Stock Price Prediction”. We have asked our research team to devise an integrated system to look for new stock investment and financial planning opportunities, using cutting-edge business management methodology.

Did you foresee the sub-prime crisis and make stock market gains through hedging? Does your inner stock market circle include former policy makers? Do you have systematic and valid ways of modeling outcomes of national economics, corporate maneuvers, and international relations?