Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 1)

Do not despair that only the rich, powerful, and connected have made windfalls from sub-prime, for the foresight for successful financial planning can be yours as well! Celebrity stock investors of Manhattan employ former Chair People of the US Federal Reserve, while their iconic financial institution neighbors appoint a former British Prime Minister to their Boards, but you can use business management fundamentals to achieve the same financial planning ends. There is never a guarantee that your earnings will match the fairy tale riches of former regulators, ambassadors, and politicians, but the downsides of losses-material and of face-are proportionately lower as well. We can all learn from the calculated moves of sophisticated and successful stock investors, and improve our own financial planning as a specific result. We are pleased to start this new series-participative as always- on how to profit from gross errors of financial governance.

Networking for Exclusive Financial Planning Tips

Networking in stock investment circles is fraught with dangers, since misinformation abounds. Information that truly represents how stocks may behave in future is tightly controlled, and any breach of a stock market circle results in permanent expulsion. However, the more immediate hurdle that faces lay stock investors is how to establish bonds with former regulators, ambassadors, and heads of State? The truth is that no Chair Person of a Federal Reserve, Securities and Exchange Commission, or head of any key government office, works in isolation. Therefore, even if you have no access to people who have been in privileged positions, nothing stops you from consulting with individuals who have been in lower rungs of influential organizations. You can even form investor clubs with them, and make substantial stock market gains! An investor club can be treated as a Trust under US tax laws.

Sound Stock Research Can Match Networking

The individuals and organizations, who have hired former Chair People of the US Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ambassadors, and heads of allied governments, do not depend on these privileged contacts alone for their stock market forays. No one can complete creative financial planning through power meals or lectures alone. One must go through reams of data to validate hypotheses about how the stock market will behave in future. The people who have profited by predicting the sub-prime crisis had to sift through innumerable possibilities, before they stumbled upon the stock investment opportunity presented by financial institutions dealing in loans that customer could not afford. They do not rest of their stock laurels, and work on finding other large losses of the future, to sell short at the right time. Hard work is cut out for the members and consultants of your investor club!

A Risk Management Approach to Stock Investing

How do experts know in advance about the next crisis to hit the stock exchange world? What is the critical difference between public statements by stock exchange influencers and their private consultations? The answer lies in the domain of impending discontinuities that ferment below the surface. The public occupation is with the short-term, the obvious, and the positives: people, who profit from misfortune, are risk management experts, using derivatives to invest in the outcomes of risk management processes. The skills of risk management are open and accessible to all. Humble people may cringe at the thought of making stock market gains from the sub-prime genre of corporate behavior and regulatory negligence, but the techniques of risk management are great levelers! Therefore, recrimination at the successes of elite stock investors from sub-prime crimes is unproductive if lay people choose to ignore such financial planning opportunities.

Stock Investment Tutorial from Sub-Prime Gainers (Part 2)