Stock Flight Simulator

Why should we not carry a special on stock investing for airline pilots?
They have relatively short earning careers. They could be found medically unfit to fly any year. The poor guys are forced by the FAA to lie idle in hotels for days between flights. Wireless Internet makes them just right for online stock trading.

These men and women in peaked caps are weaned on simulators. That is why the case method is best to teach them stock investing. However, you do not have to be licensed to fly to take part in this case.

You have bought control of one of the top business newspapers in the world. The medium loses audience to the Internet every year. Print media continue to wield influence in politics and related matters of public opinion. This business paper is a Wall and Main Street favorite. Very few people pay for subscriptions from their own pockets. Circulation outside limited parts of the US is not significant. You are so wealthy that the best possible returns on your investment are no bother.

Discuss the following issues using Porter’s Model of Competition:

  • Why buy stocks of a mature business newspaper?
  • Should the editor be left to his or her own devices?
  • Which integration moves can strengthen the business?
  • Will readers accept a positioning change?
  • How well do you know your readers?

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