Start Stock Investing Today

We announce a new series starting now. This is dedicated to stock market newcomers. It is never too late to start retirement financial planning. Do not worry about that business school stint that you never had. It is OK to invest even if you are not an accountant.

Take the first step. Select a stock exchange as you would a first date. There has to be allure, but the place should appear reliable. Thank God for being in the US. The NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, form a handsome triad of suitors. TSX beckons north of the border. We have to be neutral, but AMEX has the best educational resources for fresh people. Just an hour of online study a day will do. You will qualify for a reasonable league in no time at all. No harm done if you come to this website everyday.

Now you need a stock broker. Word of mouth works best. Check with your dentist. They have to start investing big bucks early in life poor guys. Do not aim for the cheapest broker in step one. Reputation should count above all else.

Buy blue chips and forget them until this time next year. Let dream gains not tempt you. Enjoy idle gossip. Watch the business channels. Take no action based on anything they say. You could lose out on some imaginary gains. Your shirt will remain intact on your cool back.

It is like having a baby. You have taken the first three steps. Now sit back and enjoy the confinement. This is no human you carry. It will need a quarter beyond the third term. Later, you can look forward to a lifetime of joy with stocks.

Oh, and come back to us every week for check-ups.