Spreading Stock Market Literacy

The spread of stock market literacy would improve efficiencies, and provide broad safeguards against malpractices as well. Questions may be asked about some traditional stock market tiers, as global screen based trading becomes more widely accessible. Everyone stands to gain if all stake holders, big and small, were equipped to ask management teams the right questions.

The South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) has started an extensive set of programs to draw new members of society directly in to the stock market arena. SAIFM is a non-profit and a voluntary organization, but its methods of training and examinations are most professional. Stock market matters have become of such widespread relevance nowadays that all people can gain by subscribing to one or more of the courses offered by this body

SAIFM imposes a code on its members which promotes professionalism and fair dealings in all stock market matters. This strongly ethical approach is a sound foundation for the expansion of investment habits amongst the general South African public. It will also result in building confidence levels of global entities, helping the country take away funds from its peers.

Apart from formal training courses and a rigorous system of examinations, SAIFM also plans to organize periodic workshops in matters relevant for stock market transactions. The organization covers derivatives, and specialized aspects of agriculture, as well traditional stock market subjects such as trading, settlements, and compliance. The emergence of a growing community of stock market specialists is slated to boost world wide and domestic interests in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It should also pave the way for investors from this dynamic nation to trade in Exchanges anywhere with confidence.