Solid Liquid Stocks! (Part 2)

Threats of exposure to new water-borne diseases limit trade and tourism growth. Wasteful irrigation is a major portion of all water consumption, and the demand for food, fibers, and for biological fuels, means that any efficiency improvements in watering crops and trees will be lost to increased acreages under farming on various counts. Similarly, aggression by environmental activists will mean that wastages of river resources will continue: new dams, even if decided upon now, will take decades to realize planned potentials.

The water treatment sector is profitable, large, and socially relevant. Cash flows are at least as assured as for any other natural resource, including gold and precious gems. However, success calls for the management of diverse technologies, appropriate scale, and a variety of professional capabilities. This is why the sector will be dominated by a few large players, rather than by a proliferation as the world has witnessed with software.

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