Shuffle Your Stocks in the Services Deck

Have we lost you? Click on the link below to get our drift: You Pay Mad Opportunity Costs of Stock Merger Moves

The fun-loving webmaster and crew have taken nearly forever to upload the post. Nevertheless, you could have saved cash if you dumped siri stock on our hint. The first week of April 2008 has not been the best for this stock. Who knows where the bottom is, but the 52-week low is just dimes away. Swiss stock experts have downgraded the stock (not that their asset valuations work as their watches).

We have to say that we were not entirely right in the post linked above. We were so taken up with criticism of mergers between clones that we forgot about the whole caboodle. We should have said that your couch is the side of the Broadcasting & Cable TV industry. It is a motley bunch of loss pundits.

Move on now. We have no great strides in mind: just a hop within the Services Sector. Move to stock from the Communication Services Industry. Try the emerging economy scene. They have fields full of new subscribers. Governments dole out licenses. Pick stock with lobbies in national capitals. Better still – invest in stocks owned by governments. Does governance worry you? You can relax because the NYSE ADR basket is full. Try MTE. There is nothing X sized about this stock, but the five-year average Dividend Yield is sure to whet your appetite. Write to us if you want a full analysis of MTE as a stock for your portfolio.