Seat Belt Stock

Stock investing feels rather like a transcontinental flight at this time. The seat belt sign stays on long after you think that the turbulence is behind you.

Optimists still believe that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will not turn negative. However, it would be worse than foolhardy to assume that 2008 will be a top year for stock market bulls.

Did stocks know that we passed through the Ides of March? Investment market watchers have certainly been hard pressed to get their weekly stock price predictions even reasonably close.

You need a secure portfolio at this time. How do you locate stocks with reserves of power to withstand forces of market buffeting? We believe that the answer lies in teams of professional business managers. Concerted actions will more than compensate for any market downturns. Such stocks will also be best positioned to latch on to every economic upswing.

A case in point is The Talbots Incorporated (NYSE: TLB). The Retail (Apparel) Industry is headed in to challenging times. Everyone needs new wardrobes, especially growing children. However, there is bound to be extensive dollar stretching in looking reasonably presentable.

TLB management has decided to shave advertising dollars, and nurture brands through direct selling instead. The company has recruited a domain expert with a proven track record to head the new marketing effort. This is precisely the kind of business medicine the stock needs today. Too bad, we cannot trade in stocks about which we write.

Are you a Talbots fan? Which brands will your family and you favor this summer? Do you know of other stocks that can keep portfolios secure until the Fed finally turns off all warning signs?

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