RIG Your Oil Dividends War or Peace with Iran

We have come across a great idea. Why speculate in energy stocks? Invest instead in the Oil Well Services & Equipment Industry. Think of oil rigs. We have read that manufactures of these giant structures do well. Their order books are full for months. They can sell without any marketing dollars. Customers pay upfront. Oil rigs are not made overnight. You are in for the long-term once you have placed an order. There is plenty of oil and gas under coastal waters anyway.

The Oil Well Services & Equipment Industry is nearly an oligopoly. Not everyone can make them. $200 a barrel or not, rigs will sell. You need them for clean natural gas even if you are too green for oil. We cannot imagine any serious downsides. Write for us if you can.

Want a specific stock recommendation? Everything on the stock market shelf looks good. Try RIG for starters. It is a great stock symbol. Transocean Incorporated lives up to the symbol. You need a search engine to find their web site. Someone must have parked the URL with the company name. It is a solid web site and worth finding. You want to own the stock at the first click.

The Net Profit Margin is short of 50%. It is 49 and a bit. Return on Average Assets approaches 14%. Sales during the Most Recent Quarter have grown incredibly by more than 75% over the corresponding period of last year.

Is recession on this planet?