NVCA – Funding Innovation

With more than 400 members over a spectrum of sectors and professional services, the NVCA represents its members in public policy debates at government level in Washington DC. It also offers member access to venture capital data, promotes high professional standards and liaises among member firms. Membership to the NVCA is by invitation and includes all private equity and professional venture organizations, as well as corporate venture capital investors who meet certain criteria. Criteria includes operating from an office located in the United States, with the management being citizens of the United States or resident aliens, and the business being subject to United States laws and taxation. Members are required to maintain an ongoing interest in the companies they invest in.

Membership of the National Venture Capital Association has a number of benefits in addition to being represented at government and policy forming level. The NVCA promotes professional development with programs to encourage and facilitate sharing of information on industry trends, research and strategy. In-person meetings take place on a regular basis, and members have access to NVCA publications, teleconferences and online resources. Publications include an Annual Yearbook, The Venture Capital Review, Venture Impact, Membership Directory and NVCAToday Newsletter.

Events organized by the National Venture Capital Association provide members with opportunities to meet with industry related service providers. Because of the innovative nature of start-up companies, they tend to fall in niche categories and the NVCA provides opportunities for these special interest groups to network with their peers. These include the NVCA Cleantech Council; NVCA Legal Roundtable; NVCA Corporate Venture Group; NVCA Strategic Communications Group, and the Medical & Innovation Competitiveness Coalition.