New Resolutions for Your Financial Planning (Part 2)

Stock Trades versus Stock Investing Trade Offs

Are you in to day trading, short selling, and derivatives? Retirement financial planning must have priority, but there comes a time when you long for some fun and excitement. No one says that you should waste an entire portfolio, but how about a small fund for some stock trading games?

Continuing Online Education as a Stock Investing Moat

Ivy League business management schools, your stock exchange, online stock trading platforms, and most investment bankers, offer online courses to work on your stock investment skills. You might be the most successful stock investor you know, but a resolution to acquire an additional qualification could go a long way in better financial planning.

Team Building for Stock Investment Treasures

Are you part of an investment club, or do you prefer to remain a solo player? Your financial planner must be a wizard, but how about a resolution to add a lawyer, technologist, a foreigner, or someone else who brings entirely new knowledge and skills to your table?

Vacations and Financial Planning

There are always to new fields to explore in financial planning and stock investment. The plethora of choices can be daunting, and sometimes no amount of stock analysis seems quite enough! The important thing is to make considered choices, and to enjoy new experiences each year. Treat financial planning like you do for choosing places to visit and things to do on holidays. Make resolutions to strengthen and to invigorate your stock portfolio in 2008!