New Millennium Perspectives for the Stock Market System

This is as good a time as any to review the stock market system. We know that the investment climate extends beyond the two sides of the Atlantic. India, China, and Dubai are potential rivals for Chicago, New York, and London to watch with special trepidation!

Electronic trading has changed stock market operations beyond recognition. The traditional advantage of the Tokyo stock market opening hours before ours is all gone. The dominance of the dollar seems inexorably headed towards the horizons of history. While buying and selling on any stock market at any time from the convenience of a screen, has distinct advantages, many vested interests in the old trading floor system, are gone forever.

Blue chips may also be things of the past, at least in terms of durability and assurance. Icons of industrialization and stock market success no less than Ford and General Motors seem to fall by the wayside, while new kids on the block rule the waves with their computers, chips, and software. The fluidity of stock market fortunes is scary, and one wishes that investors and executives alike would rise above concerns regarding the next quarter.

Stock market investing has become somewhat like shopping for gemstones. You have to rise above first impressions and glitter, and look with appropriate aids for cut, color, finishing, and the inevitable flaws. There are still some rare diamonds out of there, but finding them amongst piles of stock market listings can be worse than the proverbial haystack!

A lifebuoy of value to navigate choppy stock market waters is to hang on to the long term perspective. Most errors in today’s conditions have roots in unreasonable time expectations. Organization development, resource mobilization, and customer loyalty are like large dams: they have reservoirs to last lifetimes, but take some time to build!

Come to think of it, reading, writing, and math are not enough in primary education terms. Stock market literacy is the need of the day, and this is not just for those with nothing better to do, but for professionals from a host of fields without direct contact on the stock market front.

That is why I am a regular visitor to this web site!