National, Communal, and Economic Clusters for Top Stock Picks (Part 2)

The Internet and satellite television have made life even more complicated for global marketers. You can put up bill-boards in neighborhoods, or place advertisements in local newspapers that are community-specific, but the best web sites and top television channels are seen by very different kinds of consumers. Advertising during the Olympics has to appeal to warring African tribes, Iranian America-haters, the nouveau-riche of Russia, Chavez supporters, and Islamic hard-liners, apart from conventional customer groups. Super gains greet stocks that can handle such challenges! Competitors will have to wait for at least four years before they can communicate with such vast sports-loving audiences.

Gross and Net Margin Filters for Marketing-Led Stocks

The Olympics example draws us to the matter of marketing expenses. One of the main criticisms against the advertising types is that everything they suggest costs so much! There is no joy for stocks if chasing customers costs your shirt! Finding cost-effective ways of persuading customers is the key to stock market success. Coca-Cola and Toyota have used icons in short and seasonal bursts to endorse some of their brands, but McDonalds and IBM do not believe in such extravagances. The best stocks do not stop at creative clustering: they also fight for customers with lean marketing budgets.

Budget airlines and cellular telephone service providers have started a new kind of marketing. They grab and hold customers with very deep pockets indeed. This includes big-ticket advertising on television, while call rates and ticket prices fall all the time. They generate no cash for fresh investments. How long should the stock market expect them to last? How can you distinguish between stocks backed by productive marketing, and the others which waste cash?

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