NASDAQ OMX Group – Making All the Right Moves

The May statistics had a number of highlights, one of which is that the NASDAQ U.S. equities average daily matched trade count increased an impressive 49% over last year, while the Nordic and Baltic markets saw an increase of 6.2% in average daily equity counts from May 2007. In May 2008 the average daily number of trades on all the Nordic and Baltic Markets was 188.6 thousand and the average daily value traded was EUR 3.8 billion.

May 2008 was the fourteenth consecutive month that the NASDAQ stock market, at 29.2%, held the leading matched market share of U.S-listed equities. Additionally NASDAQ’s matched market share in stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange climbed to a record high of 21.8%, with an average daily matched volume of 838 million shares in May 2008.

NASDAQ’s exchange traded fund average daily share volume rose to 320 million shares, representing an increase of 80.1% in comparison to the same period last year which is more than any other exchange in the United States. Moreover, the Nordic and Baltic market’s average daily value of bond trading increased by 247%, with the average daily value traded in exchange traded funds totaling EUR 159 million in May 2008.

On the Nordic exchanges in May 2008, the average daily volume in equity and fixed-income derivative products totaled 425 thousand contracts. Compared with May 2007, the average daily trading volume in share products dropped by -8.0%; index products rose by 14%; and fixed income products reflected an increase of 13.0%.

The NASDAQ OMX Group lists more companies and records more trading volume per day than any other stock exchange world-wide. Certainly, the latest market performance statistics indicate that they are making all the right moves.