Living with Stock Market Volatility

We love the advertisement. That is partly because the sponsor pays us top dollar. This television commercial shows bulls and bears changing forms in to mascots of the company. Only slots on our web pages can do better.

The advertisement makes for great coffee machine conversation. The stock market does not make up its mind. It is up one day only to falter the next. Some anchors use the jargon ‘trading in a narrow band’. What should we write?

One of us trains to become a pilot. She says that stock market volatility is just like flying in spring. Headwinds and tailwinds change ends. Rapid temperature fluctuations create air pockets. You can never relax and light up even if that is still allowed.

Step on the gas (in flying terms) and buy your way in to a higher cruising altitude. Look down on the turbulence below like a bomber from Guam. This is definitely very large capital territory with a Business Guru at the helm.

Tighten your seat belt and simply do nothing if you are in the middle-of-the-road league. Your aircraft is built to last the weather. However, it is no F-18, so try nothing fancy. It is certainly no case for wanting to parachute out.

Then there is the single-engine stuff. It still has propellers. Ask for permission for a quick landing. Switch off and scoot for cover in a hanger corner. Hurricane season is no flying time for the pink sheet and OTC stock on bulletin boards.

We do not know if the coffee guzzling author of this stock market volatility strategy will get a flying license anytime soon. However, her stock investment fundamentals seem sound.

This is just between us because the advertiser is always right.