Lives Depend on Such Stocks

It would be naïve to write off the Biotechnology & Drugs Industry. Insiders believe that it is the future face of the entire Healthcare Sector. Most companies in the business of gene therapy are less than two decades old. That is simply not long enough for an industry with such tough regulatory hurdles.

Biotechnology & Drugs Industry stock investing calls for stereo expertise. The domains of science and finance are equally potent. It is not the usual stuff average stock brokers know. Are you ready for an example?

Consider Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ: ALNY). The company has the impressive base of Cambridge, MA. It has been founded by top research scientists. The company is named after a star which is part of the Orion. It is 250 thousand times brighter than our sun. The central pyramid of the Giza in Egypt is aligned with this star. The symbolism is appropriate. ALNY has some of the top business prospects in the Biotechnology & Drugs firmament. It is not just a matter of money. ALNY is involved with treating liver cancer, viral infections in the lungs, and inherited disorders that impair some functions of the brain.

Annual sales have crossed $50 million with a 100% Gross Margin. The management has licensed enabling technologies for its lead candidate drugs, negotiated favorable partnerships with the global pharmaceutical industry, and won important U.S. government support as well.

Write to us if you have spotted another such star in the Biotechnology & Drugs Industry sky.