Lead Your Bank from Sub-Prime Greed to Meeting All Your Credit Needs

Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi once said:

“Earth has enough to meet all our needs but not our greed”.

Present your bank a plaque with this saying, so that they never foreclose assets again to recover credit that was not needed in the first place. But what will work even better is for you to make a structured action plan to boost your credit rating, and to meet emergency cash needs, without losing the roof over the family’s head.

Here are some starter tips:

1. Use your credit card instead of cash for every minor purchase, and pay off the debt in time, no matter what. Credit rating agencies give you points for every debt that you retire in time, no matter how small it may be.

2. Shave your monthly budget, and set up a fund to invest in top stocks. It will not just grow but help you meet unexpected expenses.

3. Make professional business plans to back any proposal for a loan from your bank to buy a productive asset. Sensitivity Analysis must be a part of this plan. Have it checked by an advocate of the Devil. Back out if your bank gives you the money, no questions asked!

4. Ask your bank for no more than 80% of the value of a non-productive asset (like a home). Scrape the bottom of your piggy-bank to fund as much as you can on your own. Turn your back on long pay-back options; sacrifice to clear the loan so fast that it hurts! (You can always upgrade to a better neighborhood or to a ranch later!)

5. Negotiate the interest rate and invest in sound legal opinion on the fine print.

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