Insurance Drivers of Retirement Financial Planning

You need help to bathe, dress, and eat.
Old age fills all of us with dread. It could be parents today. We are even more likely to need assisted living one day. Increasing longevity is one reason. Poor economic management by the Fed is another. Social security is bursting at the tips. The troops are not even back from Iraq. Medical technology does not help in this aspect. New discoveries cost way more than anything Medicare can afford.

Long term care insurance is our collective Achilles Heel. Very few Americans will enjoy dignified yet affordable health care in old age. It is never too early to invest in term life insurance. You would be fortunate to waste capital in this case. The best returns for which you can hope is that you are able to look after yourself throughout your adult life. However, there will always be that remote chance that you might want to supplement your future social security with some term life insurance payments.

This is a matter for a certified agent. You will have to shop around. Reputation is paramount for selecting a provider. However, the array of retirement insurance products on offer can be confusing. There will be small print that is as hazy as your own health prospects in the distant future. Get expert help now.

Please write for our community if you have direct experience with assisted living. We also invite information on long term care insurance. Security of life in old age is the vitamin to keep the stock investment juices of youth flowing.