Innovation in Business and Stock Investing (Part 2)

Provocative Operation is a specific organizational process designed to unlock the creative powers of teams of professionals. It can be learnt and used by individual investors as well. Skeptics refer to this process as wild and uncontrolled thinking which spawns outlandish thoughts-indeed the criticism may be expressed in even harsher terms! Nevertheless, the process is capable of delivering exceptional values if participants can suspend evaluation and allow new ideas to flow.

Innovation as an Integrated Process in Business and Financial Planning

Creativity is expressed in many fields other than business and investing. Some would argue that perhaps offbeat thoughts are best kept away from offices and a stock market trading ring! However, there are many professionals who value the ability to innovate: some of the best enterprises are built on such philosophies. Innovation in a business or stock investing effort has to be an orderly team process. Disruptive thoughts, out of turn, or without ceasing, will annoy others at least, and confuse group action at times. That is why a structured approach to creative thinking is worth considering as a means of securing sustained competitive advantage. Books, courses, and consultants, are the established ways in which anyone can learn to use creative thinking as a specific business operation.

Please join our forum and share your experiences in innovation. Do you recall arriving at breakthrough conclusions about a business or a stock investing situation? Have you succeeded in making top stock picks, or do you have a method that works for pulling organizations out of decline or stagnation? Perhaps you are interested in knowing more about this matter, or trying your hand at Provocative Operation. We would love to hear from you!