How Many Mice Can CAT Stocks Catch?

Caterpillar Incorporated (NYSE: CAT) is a leading stock pick from the Construction and Agricultural Machinery Industry. Take a look at our earlier publication entitled “Rising Grain Prices Bond the US with China and Allies Alike”. It will give you a flavor of why any stock that helps farmers produce bounteous harvests deserves support. The farm front of China is a little different. Visit one of our sister sites for an expose on their migrant labor: Ma href=””>Migrant Labor from Rural China and Implications for the World

CAT will appeal equally to conservative stock market mice. It has irresistible stock investing bait. The Price to Equity Ratio, the Price to Free Cash Flow, the Dividend Yield, and Payout Ratio all stand head and shoulders over the direct competition. The management displays admirable responsiveness to social concerns: It has taken definitive steps to meet new federal emissions standards. Stock investors will not worry about recent reports that CAT has spent $3 million lobbying mice in Washington. After all, this is standard practice today.

CAT is set to grow. World demands for food and bio-fuels will spur demand. So will growing agricultural labor migration in emerging countries. Do you agree? Are CAT stocks in your bag? What is your take on companies lobbying our representatives? Join our forum and share your views with our communities. You can start today.