Have Stock Docs Done a Jarvik on You?

Mutual funds have deep pockets for mass communications. Everything you should remember before investing is in the fine print. It is nearly the same with those guidance meetings. They are all about the future, never mind whether past projections have come close.

The fuss over a model in an advertisement for prescription medicine is over-done. Jarvik can say what he likes. It is for your physician to decide whether Pfizer’s drug is right for you. The best doctors are not swayed by advertising. They rely on training, skills, data, and other facts.

That is how it should be with the stock market. Keep your savings and entertainment apart. A pediatrician can have toys for his or her patients. However, serious medicine for adults brooks little informality. We love MAD magazine as much as the next guy. Your portfolio is different. Stick to ratios, strategy, and comparisons. Cut out the fluff.

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