Green Stocks Mean Big Profits for You! (Part 2)

Stocks Based on Recycling

Recycling is perhaps the most productive way of green thinking in a profit-making company. Which business does not throw away paper documents, packing materials, plastic parts, and metal components? Old models of products have generally been at the mercies of customers, but it is now established that even collection and dismantling of such objects can yield profitable remnants. Even the most callous polluter can become interested in recycling because of the savings it can rake in! Minerals are the most important targets of recycling programs because they cannot be globally replenished in the course of the average lifetime.

Recycling in a global context need not even require disassembly. Old models that have gone out of fashion amongst the wealthy may have residual segments of demand within poorer sections of society. There is also scope to move products between countries in this regard. The recycling approach to business can spawn entirely new commercial equations. It has the potential to emerge as a distinct sector of economies, and interest investors in search of new options for stocks.

Green Stocks and Your Taxes

All investors in stocks are also consumers. Most own at least one automobile each. Tax credits available for switching to approved models that run on compressed natural gas and other similar options, can provide relief of over $20 thousand in the United States. The wisest investors will not only buy stocks of the companies that make such vehicles, but will ride in them as well! Write to us if you would like to know more about how to save on your personal taxes by switching to automobiles that run not on gasoline alone.