Free Funds Flow from Foreign Funds

There is a symbol of reinforcement in a title with a common letter for all six words. Sovereign Wealth Funds are here to stay. It is not unlike outsourcing. The Fed is behind some of our most intractable problems. However, do not lose hope if Washington is beyond reach. Set your portfolio in order. Rid it of extraneous influences that are inimical to US interests. We have fed every emerging market of today through outsourcing. You cannot undo the folly of turning our funds against US stocks. You can check on which institutions share your ownership patterns. You can exit stocks controlled by people who are not answerable to us.

Cleanse your business as well. US banks are sitting ducks for Sovereign Wealth Funds. Some of the best brand names in our Financial Services industry now prostrate before Sheikhs to stay alive. Do you have lines of credit from them? Why not switch your banking needs to regional banks from the heartland of the United States of America. Some of them are more professional than the East Coast suits, and have done well during the most difficult days of 2007. Here is a link to one of our earlier articles on this matter: Is Small Prettier in Financial Planning?

We have overdone the superpower role. Why open our markets when others erect new trade barriers? Why pay for crude oil with dollars that come back to take control of our stocks? Can we pay for outsourcing in local currencies of suppliers? You cannot change Washington negotiators. So focus on supporting national business networks. Read the article at this link for more on the topic of ‘Made in USA’: Can a Made in USA Financial Planning Strategy Save us from Recession?

Do you worry about Sovereign Wealth Finds? Have you lost income to outsourcing? Does your oil and gas come from Texas or from the Middle East? Could your credit line break because of foreign control on your bank? Are you satisfied with the US share of the global trade deal? Join our forum and let us know. Start today.