Finding Stocks with Continuous Improvement (Part 2)

Anytime is Best to Buy Such Stocks!

Globalization has changed investment opportunities for selected stocks. Organizations with dynamic operations on national scales have always had advantages over their smaller and more regional rivals. The playing field has now extended across oceans and continents, with companies being free to source and to sell in all the national economies of their choices (Ohmae, 1994). Economies of scale and options to substitute downturns in some countries put global corporations in positions of great strength. The combination of Europe and Japan with the United States was traditionally coveted even before the advent of globalization, but the emerging powers of nations such as China, India, and Brazil, have added new dimensions to the attractions of the stocks of entities with world-wide market shares and operations.

Cultural sensitivity is an important corollary for global business operations (Ohmae, 1994). The most consistent brands have to meet varying local needs excellently while maintaining universal values and images. This tough balancing act comes with high pay-offs because companies with significant and proprietary shares in leading and growing markets, are almost unassailable.

Investors will find it relatively easy to locate stocks with global values using indicators such as market shares and inter-linking of sourcing arrangements. Such stocks have sturdy bulwarks against recessionary trends, especially in Exchanges where group stocks are listed. Anytime is appropriate to make these kinds of acquisitions and the best investors will not hesitate to act no matter what indices and experts may indicate.