Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education (Part 2)

Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education (Part 1)
The Global Opportunity for Education Stocks
Look around campuses of the best colleges and universities. You are likely to find more ethnic minorities strolling around than on the streets outside. Students from countries such as India and China tend to get good grades. The outsourcing story also points us in the direction of education in emerging countries. There are huge demands to learn spoken English, our working methods, and social habits. The new economies also need scientists and technologists for their growth plans. The net result is an explosion in the demand for quality education.

The United States is an undisputed leader in top-quality higher education. European universities, which dominated the field until the first half of the 20th century, have receded in to niches since then. The Ivy League is a laurel of which all Americans can be proud. Some US colleges have begun to establish satellite facilities in other countries, and they all have online versions of some of their courses. Some professors earn handsome consulting fees, and it is time for their employers to do the same!

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Our research in to the impact of environmental economics on modern education has led us to studying how new social influences have begun to affect major stocks. Environmental scanning includes understanding generational changes in how people think, and the development of new values. We expect to publish shortly an article entitled “People Power and Stock Performance”. Please bookmark this web site to take part in a dialog on this subject. You can also ask us for a custom alert when our next article on the matter of Environmental Scanning is published on these web pages. Do stay in touch!