Dubai Financial Market

The proprietary and innovative Clearing Depository and Settlement (CDS) system-protects investor interests, promoting the Dubai Financial Market in a most demonstrative way. Major investors and leading brokers are impressed with the excellent facilities established by the stock market authorities in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Financial Market seeks to optimize investor satisfaction through its novel design of physical facilities and electronic trading systems.

The Dubai Stock Exchange faces competition not just from its peers, but from realty within the United Arab Emirates as well. Property in this desert kingdom presents such enviable appreciation opportunities, that many investors are tempted to draw funds away from stocks and securities. Indeed, the neighborhoods established in Dubai rival others in places such as Las Vegas, for their opulence and spacious living quarters.

The Dubai Financial Market is not given to take the competition from realty lying down! It has followed through on its rapid execution of a secure and genuine international stock market platform, with novel training and awareness programs for its own citizens. ‘Kafa’at’ helps citizens from the United Arab Emirates, who may be new to the ways of the stock market, catch up with investors in other world financial centers. Home makers and professionals from various fields can learn the fundamentals of stock market investing at their convenience.

Dubai always presents an intriguing blend of modern commerce and traditional Arab values. The stock market is no different, with top amenities to match that anywhere else in the world, and with weekly holidays on Fridays, for the convenience of the faithful. 13 leading banks have recently associated with the Dubai Financial Market, impressed with its superb controls, and the ban on insider trading as well.