Diehard Stock Investors

This view has us in a jam. We have published an article on February 03 2008, saying that baby boomer iconic brands have become dated in this century. Read about how we put our feet in our collective mouth: What Top Stocks Foretell

We have to eat our collective hat. Brand awareness matters more than bottom lines. It does not matter if people buy from the competition as long as they have you in mind. We do have some defense though. We had started discussing Sears with apparel not car batteries in mind. You can read that spiel at: A Stock the Looks Inside Young Minds

We admit to the diehard values of stocks with iconic brands. Management can hive off these money spinners even if they do not wish to sell the entire business altogether. Besides, poor distribution, to which the Sears boss has referred, can be fixed in due course. Who would not switch back to a top-of-the-mind car battery once your friendly gas station or mechanic stocks it?

Other inherent stock values may lurk in brands that can be managed better. Would you care to join us in such a treasure hunt? We can fish together in marketing waters to find such stocks. This is an adventure in which you can sit back and enjoy the sights, or take the rudder if you are so inclined. Buy your ticket at: Join our Forums