Countrywide Proof of Stocks with Durable Values (Part 2)

Customer focus is more spoken than practiced. Many companies profess to put the genuine needs of customers first, while their ground zero processes are exploitative in reality. Countrywide Financial is substantially different in its approach, and works constantly to review its credit appraisal procedures. The company is also responsive to the demand environment, and does not shy away from modifying its revenue plans and projections to reflect trends in the economic health of its customer group. Such a conservative and diligent approach deserves the appreciation of groups which hold the company’s stocks, because the related policies serve to protect their capital values.

The financial statements of Countrywide Financial show that its capital structure is stable and appropriate for its main line of business. The company has consistently remained liquid in difficult market conditions, thus displaying the qualities that investors should seek in financial services corporations. The cliché ‘safe as houses’ has new relevance in the trying business environment of today, and it is appreciable that Countrywide Financial sets and meets high standards in this regard. This approach may not maximize market shares during upswings in the sector, but it rewards loyal investors who hold on to the company’s stocks in lean times.

Real estate financing is a business with permanent values for modern society. It calls for a judicious blend of skills to be successful in this sector, and depends on professional commitment of top executive teams to the vital needs of ordinary folk everywhere. We should be grateful that a firm with the values and principles of Countrywide Financial participates in this key sector of the economy, and always grab opportunities to own more of its stocks!