Common Business Management and Stock Investment Relationship Tips (Part 1)

Inter-personal relationships have equal effects on business management and stock investment. We are a social species, yet some executives and investors like to be loners. However, the chances of sustained success improve when we are able to build long-term and trusting relationships with others for mutual benefits. It is generally a multiple rather than a dual matter, though intensity inevitably decreases with the size of a group or a team. Global effects on business and stock investing are special, because bonding with people from other cultures presents special challenges.

Most business schools tend to favor applicants with professional degrees, and from quantitative streams. There is some merit in this bias, for areas such as Logistics and Modeling need a mathematical bent of mind. However, all organizations are ultimately about people, so networking and effective communications will never go out of style. The US IRS has special provisions for Investor Clubs, which is a unique form of pecuniary encouragement for small investors to act in concert. Besides, relationships between stock investors and stock brokers are universal and timeless in the ways of a stock market. Everyone stands to benefit by working on Emotional Intelligence skills.

Explicit Visions for Collaborative Financial Planning

Orientals are sometimes criticized for protracted negotiations. While any kind of profiling is abusive, there could be some merit in emulating the culture of working for consensus. Neither stock brokers, nor members of a family, and certainly not subordinates at work, will challenge decision-making powers, but stock investors and business managers hardened by experience, value dissent so much, that they actively, patiently, and persistently search for it. Chairman Mao is accused of inviting dissent only to flush out detractors, but the modern business person will keep asking for minority and unusual views because he or she values genuine collaboration.

Logical argument, especially of the loudly verbal variety, can be like an incandescent bulb, spewing useless heat for very little illumination! It pays to rise above the immediacy of confrontation, to defreeze from the cold poles of isolation, and to reflect deeply before taking any position. That is why a discussion about the merits of objectives, and the trade-offs between them can resolve differences better than arguments about alternatives. Some of the best options are off beaten tracks in any case. All teams should have judicious doses of social interaction, so that tensions generated by issues are not perpetuated beyond their utilities.

Common Business Management and Stock Investment Relationship Tips (Part 2)