Canadian Gems as Stocks (Part 2)

Prejudice against alluvial diamonds has begun to wane because modern investors realize that such stocks yield earlier returns. Moreover, diamonds from alluvial deposits tend to be bigger and have better gem qualities. Finally, new technologies have improved the productivity of professional mining along river banks.

The new thinking demands attention for stocks of companies with rights to mine alluvial diamonds. The scale of operations matters in this kind of equipment-intensive business, so companies which acquire new mines, and which have the requisite know-how resources, are the best picks for fresh investments.

Some key kimberlitic diamond mines will approach the ends of their working lives in the coming years. Australia is amongst the countries which could be seriously affected. This gives South Africa a new lease of life at the vanguard of diamond producing nations, because it has the proverbial lion’s share of known alluvial diamond reserves.

Exemplary Stocks

Rockwell Diamonds Inc represents an exciting amalgam of Canadian enterprise and African natural resources. This company’s stocks represent rare opportunities for superior value appreciation and profits from the high-value segment of gems. Rockwell has the best technology for productive working of large alluvial tracts, and has leveraged this strength well by judicious moves and associations in the Northern Cape. It has made some excellent acquisitions of excellent properties throughout Africa, and has established working relationships with the best industrial resources on the continent as well. The company is listed on the Toronto Exchange, and has extraordinary managerial resources, with specialized experience in all aspects of diamond mining and business. All of the company’s properties are located in Africa. As a member of the prestigious Hunter Dickinson group, Rockwell’s stocks offer balanced growth and profit opportunities for discerning investors. Every portfolio deserves a generous share of such stocks to give it undying and eternal values. It is safe to assume that we will always want more diamonds than we can mine productively from all the rocks and river banks of earth!