Can We Ever Be Certain of Day Trading Gains?

‘Stick to knitting’ is a great stock trading success Mantra. It is illegal to use confidential information for personal stock investment. However, domain expertise about your competitors, suppliers, and customers could be in the public space. Stock trades and options based on key public events in companies that you know very well, are profitable and legal at the same time. Consider commissioning our custom and premium services to watch stocks for you in real time. You could also form an investment club of domain experts towards this end.

A world stock market watch is another great stock trading ploy. Every stock market, from Tokyo to Mumbai, gains on the morning after a US Fed interest rate drop (keep time zones in mind). The reverse is almost inevitable the day following a Bernanke suggestion that the US economy is in trouble. Though day trading is a norm, there is no rule that you have to buy and sell within a single stock market session. Responses to international developments are often exaggerated. Markets usually settle down after a day of dramatic swings.

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