Can a ‘Made in USA’ Financial Planning Strategy save Us from Recession? (Part 1)

Socialists and communists are not the only villains who protect their turf. The British have run campaigns pushing their people to ‘fly the flag’. The French are fanatic about their cuisine and wine. It is leather, fashion, and fast cars for Italians. Every country has markets with tall fences to keep foreigners out. It feels great to be the only super power. However, how about some home charity?

This piece follows one of our earlier publications. “Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning” focused on how a financial planning move today should lead to better lives for our children. This article reflects on the current situation. Can ‘buy American’ keep recession at bay?

Financial Planning Links between Countries

We have stopped the Japanese from taking control of our steel. Engineers from Dubai cannot run our ports. These are exceptions to normal trade rules. Washington has to keep US business doors open so that our corporations can sell abroad. The market place is global, but no one can dictate buying decisions to paying customers. We can check labels, and choose things made at home. That is the same as companies turning down profits made by shipping jobs abroad.

It is time to take financial planning in to your own two hands! The stimulus package of early 2008 is great if it means checks in the mail for you. Tough luck if you are not a big gainer. Congress will not hear all the criticism. Changes in your favor are unlikely. Remember President Kennedy and do your best for the economy. Support your country’s business. That is not to say that you should refuse to take prescriptions for Swiss drugs, but why not buy from Merck of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, if the medicine will do nearly as well?

Can a ‘Made in USA’ Financial Planning Strategy save Us from Recession? (Part 2)