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Not every Retail (Apparel) Industry stock is hot. Some have gone out of style. Take a look at this link from our web site for an example: What Top Stocks Foretell

Zumiez Incorporated (NASDAQ: ZUMZ) is an example of the comfort zone in which Retail (Apparel) Industry stock places you. Sports and casual wear will do reasonably well. The number of stores is a figure which ordinary folk can understand. Anyone can walk in to a mall and check out the business values of this stock.

Any executive team can goof up, or even cheat. However, it is easy to read the signs from quarterly reports of a stock such as ZUMZ. Visit the stock page on NASDAQ and check out the Most Recent Quarter. Try the same with Biotechnology, nanotechnology, or outer space stocks. How do you assess business performance of an industry you do not understand?

It is the same with global stocks. How do you know whether drilling operations in Mongolia will hit pay dirt? What if Nigeria nationalizes its energy assets? Unfamiliarity breeds uncertainty in stock trade.

Which is your domain of stock expertise? Do you like ZUMZ like us? Perhaps you think like Christopher Columbus and love adventures with foreign stocks. Why not write for us.