Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 1)

This web site has covered Brazil, both in terms of the stock market, and with perspectives of industry in mind, during the past. However, it is opportune to visit this vast South American Eden once again. Few countries have been able to progress in the first decade of the current Millennium, as rapidly as Brazil has done. This performance has surprised cynics and adversaries of Brazil, who thought that populism and inflation would pull the nation down under. Brazil has taken a set of remarkable and effective economic measures, and should be considered very seriously by stock investors everywhere.

Indigenous Charms for Brazilian Stocks

Brazilian stocks have appreciated most attractively in recent times. Stock news does feature many important developments in terms of Brazil’s forays in to international spheres such as relatively small civilian aircraft and carbon stock trading. However, the principal attraction of this country’s stock environment is the domestic business environment. The population is about 180 million; the nation is blessed with extraordinary natural wealth. These have been traditional strengths of all Brazilian stocks. The country has a strategic position in the entire South American continent. However, instability, a large proportion of poor people, and inflation, are factors that have kept international stock investing and private equity at bay.

The recent past has seen Brazil convert its traditional weaknesses in to strengths. Inflation has been brought down well below 4%. Economic progress is rather egalitarian, spreading benefits to indigenous people and poorer sections of society. The nation practices admirable fiscal prudence, and encourages private enterprise, as well as foreign capital. Brazil also leverages its agricultural might and environmental resources to the hilt in the larger interests of national economic development. These are nearly ideal conditions for global stock investing and for private equity as well! The local stock market reflects this new dynamism with some exceptional stock picks.

Brazil Revisited as a Top Stock Investment Destination (Part 2)