Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 1)

Be like a smart child and nag wannabe Presidents and their hangers-on, with the smallest possible set of tightly defined demands. Think of specific modifications in legislation that can provide stock investing and other financial advantages. This is what large campaign donors do, apart from holding politicians accountable for their parts of deals. Think of your vote as a stock, and ask your representative or candidate for reviews of stands they took in Congress, and about what they are willing to promise until your next encounters with them. Choose issues that are controllable so that the chances of campaign promises being realized are reasonably good. Why are legislative changes so influential in financial planning matters?

Pay-As-You-Go for Stock Value

How would it be if all politicians could take oaths to be revenue neutral in their legislative participation? It is common to think of measures to help one section of citizenry at the cost of others, but should we pass crippling national debt to our unborn descendants? Will the most optimistic projections about stock dividends in the distant future have any relevance if we dive in to the pit of runaway inflation? Should armies of public servants stand and watch as the dollar loses value in an economy which has become so dependant on other countries? Top stocks can face disruptive value losses if we do not curb deficit financing. The latter is insidious as we engage in new health care technologies, effectively forcing our children to pay for European drug prices of today! Similarly, the United States pays more to provide for the poor children of other children of other countries, in military terms, than we may ever do for the 12 million hungry young mouths in our own collective backyard!

Trade associations and wealthy donors beat small fry hands down in Washington when it comes to favorable new decisions with economic ramifications. 2008 could be a watershed year as Presidential hopefuls engage with Internet audiences, student campuses, and with all manners of mass groupings that have only marginal influences on Capitol Hill most other times. Pay-as-you-go benefits everyone because there is no use in recriminating over the past. That is why it makes good financial sense to ask the entire political establishment to become revenue neutral in prospective terms.

Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 2)