Are You Ready for Nanotechnology Stocks? (Part 2)

Time Dimensions of Nanotechnology Stocks

There is no compulsion to stay invested in nanotechnology stocks. It is possible to use them entirely for generating short-term profits. Many stocks in this sector rise out of proportion to their true worth levels because of biased reports by analysts, and because of the public relations efforts of their promoters. Highly leveraged ones are good candidates for short selling transactions. It is best to set target prices in advance of hedging operations in nanotechnology stocks, abandoning them once target profit levels have been reached. Rapid turnover is possible in the sector since there are large numbers of players without sound business structures and systems. Companies backed by impatient venture capitalists are good candidates for this short-term style of investing, and personal interaction with, or tracking of statements by key executives, are the best guides to determine target prices and durations over which stocks can be rented for profitable margin operations.

Short selling in nanotechnology stocks should not make investors cynical about the sector. This body of know-how has a bright future full of new opportunities. All portfolios will derive increasing parts of their profits and growth patterns from one or the other facet of nanotechnology. would welcome contributions on real-life experiences with such stocks, and we are happy to respond to browser requests for evaluations of your picks.