A Stock That Gained During the 2001 Recession

The UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (NYSE: UNH) stock is a top pick from its industry segment. It has an irrefutable track record. The stock is one of the few which did not hurt investors during the last recession in the United States. Does it have the structural strength to see through 2008?

The Insurance (Accident & Health) Industry is a favorite hunting ground of serious stock investors. This is a business in which the United States leads the world. UNH is one of the biggest players in the field. One in three citizens depends on this Minnetonka, MN Company for their family and individual health care needs. The 70 million customers of UNH include the wealthy, stimulus check recipients, and minorities of all shades. This vast cluster of people is served by more than half a million physicians. Nearly 5 thousand medical institutions work with UNH to provide quality health care to America. The sheer scale of the operation and its vital nature are sturdy planks of which stock investors can depend.

UNH is an encouraging example of how stock investors can find calm waters in the current economic depression. Forget the stock market index. Do not waste time on how the Fed struggles to bail out decadent banks. Focus instead on resilient stocks. Look for opportunities to protect your savings. Prepare for 2009 and beyond with value investing. Join our forum to know more and to participate in discussions on stocks that can fight a recession.