A Stock on Which You Can Bank

We know that Detroit automobile companies weathered the worst days of the 1900s. This century does not seem to be as sound for them. The Japanese have done to our cars and trucks as we did to their warships and Kamikaze fighter aircraft. Even vanquished Nazi vehicle suppliers fare better than any US icon of mass production.

Our banks are worse than our automobile companies. Detroit at least pays for its business lapses. Wall Street makes us pick up tags for sub prime. Even the credit rating agencies seem sour. Despair is logical if you reflect on what our best banks of before have done to us today.

Is there a glimmer of light in this gloom? We have stumbled on a wonderful stock. It is from the Regional Banks Industry. The bank opened its doors in 1914. It has never closed. This bank has never skipped a dividend. It does not indulge in sub prime. It values its assets honestly. The bank holds its executives accountable for their actions. Do not approach this bank if you want a loan for which you are not fit. Buy its stock in any event. Even the electronic form of every share is worth far more than dollar bills for the rest of this Presidency.

We recommend Wachovia Corporation (NYSE: WB) with confidence and national pride.

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