A Latino High Flyer for the Stock Market to Watch!

Aircraft manufacture is so daunting that no individual European stock market member has dared to enter this profitable and growing segment. Selling fighter aircraft may be a dicey business, but there can be few doubts about bludgeoning demand for civilian aircraft, ranging from smaller ones for business tycoons, to the exciting scope presented by new operators in markets such as China.

Embraer of Brazil has not just taken the global plunge, but surprised stock market analysts with its dynamic market acceptance. This Brazilian manufacturer of sleek and modern jets seems to have special favor with some emerging markets as in Nigeria and the Government of India. Problems at Airbus could soon see Embraer break through in to the developed world as well.

Most stock market circles are not worried about the hegemony of Boeing, because Embraer seems to have found a feasible segmentation strategy. It is able to side-step its massive rivals and meet target customer demands rather well. Embraer’s forays seem to display some of the best practices of Services Marketing, apart from excellent value in the tangible elements of the Marketing Mix.

It will come as no surprise to stock market analysts accustomed to the ways of South American companies that Embraer has followed a strategy of cost leadership. It is not just relatively economical to acquire one of their products, but to run and service it as well. However, cost values are never achieved by compromises on quality and safety, in which Embraer has assiduously built a good reputation and image.

The formation and development of Embraer is as interesting for the stock market student, as are its business results and remarkable market acceptance. The company was established by the Government, but ownership has now passed in to stock market hands. Get your shares and welcome on board!