A Free Stock Market Investing Lesson from Home Depot

You can divide the world stock investing population of June 2007 in to two parts. The larger and first part had no clue that a sub-prime tsunami was about to strike. Alan Greenspan and his clients were the far more exclusive lot. They knew that realty loans were bad, and some hedged to gain privately from public dismay. What about the fluid Home Depot board? Did they have a former Washington honcho as a consultant?

The March 2008 stock market investing world is divided again. The cash that Home Depot realized from the HD Supply sale is welcome indeed in these arid stock market times. However, what will it mean post 2009? Surely, a new President will row us away from choppy recession waters. Will HD Supply become a cash machine once Americans get jobs again? After all, the foreclosure nightmare has to end some dawn.

Business Management schools thrive on such controversies. Present two sides of a coin, and analyze the matter to death. Frankly, we are not sure where to pitch our tent on this one. The HD Supply sale seems good when you hear the new corporate management. Then again you wonder why private equity picked up these stocks. Will they have the last laugh?

Why not help out? Surely, you follow the democratic primaries. Why not sling some mud at the camp which opposes your views on the new Home Depot management? It can be just like a free tutorial from the Ivy League. You can register and join the slug fest on our forum right now.