A Dream Route to Middle East Stock Market Entry

Dubai evokes awe on many fronts and stock market aficionados are no different! The United Arab Emirates has built on its traditions of commercial acumen and material wealth to take vanguard positions in key sectors of the world economy. Investors from all over the globe flock in growing numbers to this modern and verdant oasis in the Middle East.

Liberal regulations are hallmarks of the Dubai business environment. The stock market allows people from all over the world to participate in its rapidly expanding operations, and makes a concerted effort to bridge the spatial gap between traditional stock market strongholds such as London and Hong Kong. Dubai’s median position in terms of longitude is certainly a big plus in this respect.

Dubai encourages Islamic banking with the same verve that it displays for conventional forms of western capitalism. Many of the companies and securities listed on the local stock market are relatively unknown or with short track records compared with their counterparts from the first world. These are causes for some unease in the minds of traditional stock market operators as they struggle to become familiar with the sometimes exotic ways of the Dubai stock market.

Enter the Makaseb Funds Company. This universally respected financial institution has floated the Makaseb Emirates Opportunities Fund (MEOF). Foreigners are at least as welcome to invest in this mutual fund as are domestic nationals. The MEOF covers both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, giving its subscribers and supporters single window access to the most exciting stock market ambience to be found anywhere.

MEOF prospects are considered to be far above average for knowledgeable stock market observers. The fund is reassuringly denominated in U.S. dollars, and investments are regulated in transparent and professional manner. Retail investors will be pleased to know that even the relatively modest sum of $10 thousand suffices to join this elite fund.

You can opt for the MEOF is you are attracted to the stock market world of the Middle East, and if you are still new to the ways and opportunities of this exhilarating part of the investment world. Dubai is not to be missed if you plan to be a serious stock market operator during the 21st century!