A Delicious Stock on the NYSE Menu

The presentation can pierce the thickest diet resolution armor. Enter a restaurant from this chain at the cost of your waist and hip sizes. Even a glance in their direction can snare you. The sea of smiles inside beats any friendly bar. It is the ultimate mouse trap. You may never care to be slim and fit again. Perhaps you can take to that marathon you have always watched from the side.

The editor does not pay for posts which do not relate to business. It is with heavy hearts that we tear away from incredible tastes, and turn to the financials of this stock instead. They are fantastic though you cannot eat or drink cash. The company has a network of some 35 thousand Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) spread over 100 countries. A creative business model keeps fixed costs to the bone even as cash registers never stop ringing. The company’s franchise contract is an object lesson is how to keep quality standards at the very peak of the Restaurants Industry.

Return on Average Equity has topped 70% over the last four quarters. The stock price during the first weeks of spring 2008 is within nudging distance of the 52-week high. The Price to Earnings Ratio is of no use to a day trader, but investors with retirement financial planning will love this stock.

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