A Challenge for Traditional Ways of Dealing in Stocks (Part 2)

These kinds of inequalities cannot be allowed to last in the age of the Internet and screen-based trading. Financial institutions which take leads in bringing global stocks to the computers of investors anywhere are set to take over from national Exchanges. The latter may buy time by leveraging national government regulations on cross-border fund flows, but the day is on the horizon when a single individual at one point on the globe may buy and sell stocks oceans away. This trend will be healthy in business terms because it will drive all economies towards efficiencies, and will give investors much wider choices of stocks.

Precautions in Choosing New Intermediaries for Picking Stocks

Terrorism, insurgency, narcotics, and trafficking in children, are some of the nefarious world operations that also need and generate funds on large scales. Multi-lateral agencies and channels in stocks have to steer clear of such charges if they are to succeed. Global trading in stocks will be nipped in the bud if it works against the genuine interests of any country. That is why financial institutions involved in international transactions of stocks must be professionally managed, reputed, and fully resourced.

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