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12th Century North American Principles for the March 2008 Stock Market

21 March 2008 - News - Editor

We have a new writer. An earlier alien wrote this piece which got such dreadful reviews that we dare not publish them: Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning. The boss person insists that we try and recover some value from the article. So here goes.

Stock market Gurus say that we should study past recessions. What did the stock market do during its last crisis? Which stocks beat the downward trend? Who got hurt most?

There are other aspects to history. After all, the stock market is of 20th century lineage only. How did folks trade in earlier times? Can we do a Rockefeller for our children? The answer, like most riddles, lies in the question.

Organized community living started in North America around the 12th century. The Iroquois Confederacy was a pioneering way of people living together. Our founders used their principles to design our Constitution. What can we learn from Native Americans for current stock investing?

Keep the long term in view. That is not to say that all day trading is bad. However, the best interests of our coming generations should guide key investment decisions. You can start by buying stocks with 2010 in mind. It no longer matters what the Fed will do to the stock market index next week. There are chances that you could book some profits on the way. However, hang on to value stocks until a new administration is in place on Capitol Hill.

Write for us if you can pick such stocks. Join our forum and exchange great investment leads. Dialog and consensus are also parts of the Iroquois Confederacy.


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