Personalized Health Stocks (Part 2)

Genitope tops when it comes to human resources! It excels in a foundation technology with versatile applications. This company is specialized in making medicines from human immune systems, a matter that could soon rule the health care waves. Genitope has focused closely on a small set of cancers, but there is no reason why its expertise cannot find profitable expressions in many other health care sectors.

There are important pioneer benefits in Genitope’s line of work. The company collects small pieces of tumors from patients through their physicians and surgeons. It processes these biological resources to tailor drugs for the individuals, and ships the stuff back to the doctors accordingly. This is a whole new ball-game, and stocks of followers will not have the assurances that a first mover will enjoy. Genitope has been somewhat lax in extending its patents to copy cat countries such as India and China, but hopefully it will learn the ropes of globalization soon enough!

Genitope has plans in place to establish its own field-force once it starts a first line of revenue, but investors can also take heart from the prospects of such a treasure being acquired by cash-rich pharmaceutical majors. This may optimize returns on stocks, since the platform technology of custom-made drugs from individual immune systems, should be leveraged quicker than the focused management of Genitope seems to prefer. The company has already spent some scarce cash on office and administrative facilities that could easily have been spared from someone’s sunk costs. However, these niggling worries should not deter investors eager to make huge gains gobble up this company’s stock.

Cancer shows no signs of going away. All gains from persuading people to give up tobacco seem to be lost to pollution and chemical residues. The first and third world are equally affected, though the sites of malignant lesions may vary. Chemical, surgical, and radiological interventions are so full of side-effects that even their limitations pale in the face of debilitating side-effects. All this adds to the values of companies such as Genitope.