Trade and Business Also Link China and Taiwan

You could be from the Congo or Canada. Capitalism or Communism may be your cup of tea. Your color, age, and sex matter not a jot. European fears for Hong Kong have proved as hollow as national protection of the Olympic torch. US defense of Taiwan is irrelevant at the Boao Forum. China does mix business with courtesy, but ideology is kept in a secure closet.

p>Unvarying professionalism has become the hallmark of new China. That is not to say that the nation has severed any links with its ancient customs. The spirit of the country’s 20th century founding father is evident in every corner of the country. However, gold standard business practices hold exclusive sway over trade ties.

There is a common misconception that the Boao Forum is like the annual Davos Club Nights. Nothing could be further from the truth. The warm trade wings of Hainan are far from the disco dancing, endless banquets, and the extravagance of the Swiss Alps. China is selective about countries invited to the Boao Forum. The prospective leader of Taiwan has always been an honored guest at Hainan.

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his flight seem to be forgotten dreams. After all, who can break family and social bonds built over centuries? Rocketing trade links between China and Taiwan are an amazing but true aspect of the incredible economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. China has been diligent in asserting its territorial sovereignty. This emotional issue of national integrity is not to be mixed with trade, industry, and commerce. Taiwan or another secession attempt, the business doors of China never close.