The Agricultural Biotechnology Star in the Stock Market Firmament

Demands on arable land come from many stock market quarters, so investors are used to supporting the conversion of agricultural farms in to urban centers, factories, and warehouses. However, 90% of the world’s surface is not suitable for growing crops and grazing livestock, so are we to turn back to the seas and the oceans for our food supplies?

The growing need for food from decreasing surface area drives huge new growth potential for farm productivity. This is why agricultural biotechnology is one of the brightest prospects in the stock market galaxy. Companies with patented and proprietary varieties of crops and animals, though they face obsolescence risks, are massive reservoirs for the kinds of returns which make stock market investors drool!

Agricultural biotechnology is often taken to mean more grain production in stock market circles, but the technical truth is that this umbrella term covers a host of profitable growth possibilities in the Life Sciences sector as a whole. Agricultural biotechnology can improve nutritional balances, offer more shelf-life, produce bio alternatives to crude oil, and push people up the protein chain, all at the same time.

Intellectual property rights worry some stock market observers when discussions veer towards agricultural biotechnology. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has clearly ruled in favor of patents for genetically modified organisms, so the international coast should be clear in due course of time, in this respect.

Choosing the right companies for stock market picks in this exciting sector can be daunting if you do not understand the technology from a commercial perspective. The market is full of nerds and quacks peddling products which will probably never see the light of day. There is no substitute for sound technological advice when it comes to stock market transactions in agricultural biotechnology!