Stock Market Stimulus Secret from Seigel

The stimulus check thing has had us licking our chops. We had an idea soon after President Bush announced the largesse: Invest Your Stimulus Check in the Right Stock for Lasting Pleasure.

$600 will not take you far even with penny stocks. Someone suggested blue chips run by Warren Buffet. He is Top Dog at Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated (NYSE: BRK.A). 223 stimulus checks will suffice for one unit of this stock. So what should you do if you are on your own?

The reinvestment secret can work for the smallest investor. Put your stimulus check in to the right stocks. What does that mean? An example will make things clear. Try Pfizer Incorporated (NYSE: PFE) for example. It is a leader of the Major Drugs Industry. You can buy 25 shares with your stimulus check and keep some handy change, thanks. The yield is 6.21. The Payout Ratio tops 100 for the last four quarters. The corporation has never skipped a dividend for over a decade. The Forward Price to Earnings Ratio is less than 12. It is like turning the farewell check from President Bush in to a regular revenue stream.

We will keep visiting the Professor’s web site to bring fresh financial frescos to you throughout this summer.