Stock Investment Lessons from the Surge

Bankruptcy is almost like victory for terrorists. You just have to win. Your allies may refuse their shares of troops. The guys with stiff upper lips have sort of surrendered already. Trojan horses lurk beneath the epaulettes of your Generals. What should you do in the midst of unrelenting attacks on your stocks?

Buy even more. Profits are like democracy. You can show not a wing of doubt about your support for the business cause. Critical crows of today will become songbirds of praise one day. Besides you are not in this game for any selfish reason. It is the future of freedom that has to be your sole concern.

Use cheaper credit if you have to, but just keep buying stocks. Investing and invasion share more than a starting alphabet. You do not just rush in because one African tribe slaughters another. You have to focus on freeing people with resources you can use. Your stock buying surge has to be properly directed. Bookmark this site. You will find great ideas every week. We think they are great anyway. You are more than welcome to disagree. Unlike the Pentagon, you can write openly and without fear. So forget disruptive advice and put a surge under your stock investment hood.