Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 1)

Some of the Internet impact on stock trading arises from the changing influences of time zones, intermediaries, and currencies. The classic stock market trading floor and entrenched financial institutions have long indulged in stock trading based on information differentials. The big fish took stock value away from small fry because they new about exotic developments first, and had exclusive access to vital stock information. The World Wide Web has systematically broken these barriers to stock trading entry. 2008 is a good year to take stock of your profits from the Internet. Have you optimized the medium for your financial planning?

Stocks to Dump in the New Information Age

House cleaning is a good place to start your online review of financial planning. Take a look at your portfolio and sell stocks with declining or even stagnant futures in the face of the Web onslaught. It should be easy to think of all the things we no longer use or do as frequently as before we became addicted to the Internet. Paper, postage, greeting cards, office correspondence, personal letters, books, and writing instruments, are some of the things which we use in dramatically lower quantities as we become accustomed to the World Wide Web. Physical retail stores and office spaces are other large areas of enterprise which surrender considerable utilities to the Internet, though the electronic commerce increases rather than reduces needs for warehouses, transshipment points, and couriers.

Video conferencing virtually eliminates needs for commuting, and business travel. Film, all physical storage media, including electronic ones of relatively recent vintage, as well as mainstream media, are some bastions of industry threatened with obsolescence, loss of relevance, and even obliteration. Destruction is naturally replaced by new creation: each of the stocks from declining sectors has a counterpart with exciting potentials for profits and for growth in the emerging economy of tomorrow. Exceptional stock value lies in being amongst the first to spot these new opportunities.

How to Make the Internet Work for Your Financial Planning

The Internet is too large a phenomenon to be limited to stock investing alone in anyone’s life. We have seen in the previous section of this article how it can restructure stock portfolio profits and value, but the medium has enormous direct revenue generation and cost saving potentials as well. The World Wide Web brings customers from far corners of the globe to the proximity of our screens and speakers. It does this by putting people in direct communion with each other, replacing many forms of intermediaries. Such restructuring has also resulted in search engines and Internet service providers gaining profitable strangleholds on our lives!

Online Stock from the David/Goliath Fable (Part 2)